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LOGIX 2200

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LOGIX 2200

> Description

The Logix-2200 is our Flagship Ethernet/IP Network Visibility Device (NVD) designed to sniff traffic in Ethernet networks in Enterprise and Carrier Networks. Offering aggregate and multi-point network visibility, the Logix-2200c provides traffic replication and non-intrusive access to the Enterprise or Carrier network, allowing for a wide range of applications such as Intrusion Detection and Protection, Application Performance Monitoring, Forensic Recording, among other solutions.

Designed specifically with high speed traffic aggregation in mind, the Logix-2200 can have line speed input and re-route traffic through different data streams based on the advanced filtering of the unit.

Whether traffic is data or voice based, the network traffic can be filtered down to specifics and routed to a wide range of application servers, evenly and effectively.

The Logix-2200 also supports fail-over and redundancy from the unit to the application server, thus ensuring that the data will reach the specific application server in the event of a network connection failure or server failure.

The Logix-2200 is equipped with 16 x 1GB RJ45 configurable ports.

In Voice over IP applications, the Logix-2200 can filter traffic from Layer 4 (TCP/UDP) and by protocol port (i.e. SIP 5060), then redirect the traffic towards specific network application servers such as Speech Recognition, Recording or other Analytic Application Servers.

Where multiple Application Servers exist, the Logix-2200c will balance the load across the multiple App Servers such that no single App Server will have a high CPU usage. Redundant data streams and failure ensure that the data reaches the appropriate App Server at all times.

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