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Magma - 7 Slot PCI Express (x8) RAS Gen2

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Magma ExpressBox7 (x8) Gen2
Magma - 7 Slot PCI Express (x8) RAS Gen2
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> Description

New Architecture Allows Magma to Introduce PCI Express RAS Solution:

Reliable - Availability - Serviceability
The EB7-X8G2-RAS product is a member of the family of new generation of Magma Expansion products that falls under the umbrella of the EBU product offering.
The EBU (ExpressBox Universal) addresses a host of applications and thus its name Universal.
It is a platform that goes beyond the traditional Expansion Chassis applications.

Modular Solution for expanding I/O capacity while designing out obsolescence
The EB7-X8G2-RAS is built with modularity and scalability in mind.
It has an Expansion Interface Card installed in one PCI Express slot in the chassis that provides x8 Lanes of PCI Express connection to the Host.
The Expansion Interface Card can be replaced with an optical card that allows for connection with Host over Fiber.

Seamless expansion of System capabilities
The EB7-X8G2-RAS, with its companion Host Card and high-performance cable, extends the PCI Express bus out of the Host and allows for seamless integration of up to 7 PCI Express I/O cards per chassis.
The EB7-X8G2-RAS can be easily transformed into a Host Computer with 8 slots when a Root Complex card is installed in place of the Expansion Interface card in the chassis.

Optimal method to enhance your PCI Express I/O capabilities
The EB7-X8G2-RAS is an expansion chassis in 4U height that provides 7 full-length PCI Express slots. These chassis can be daisy-chained while giving up one usable slot per chassis excepting for the last one in the chain.
The total number of PCI Express slots derived will be determined by the number of root complex ports supported by the Host.

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