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Magma ExpressBox4

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> Description

Cost Effective Solution for Expanding I/O Capacity
The Magma PCI Express to PCI Express Expansion system provides a simple, cost-effective solution for expanding the available PCI Express slots of workstations and servers. This provides an efficient way to maximize your workstation or serverís total

I/O capability and limit the number of CPUs required in your system.
Cost-effective Solution for Expanding I/O capacity Magma ExpressBox4 provides a cost-effective path to expand the available number of PCI Express slots while maintaining consistent server or workstation configuration.The product provides increased I/O capacity and scalability.

Easy Installation
Magma ExpressBox4 consists of a PCI Express Host Card, a cable and a chassis. Magma ExpressBox4 is automatically configuredby the System BIOS making all of the slots appear transparent to the host computer.
Optimal method to enhancing your PCI Express I/O capabilities

ExpressBox4 is an expansion solution that provides 4 full-length PCI Express slots.This is a standalone chassis in an industry standard enclosure with its own power supply. The chassis allows the flexibility to expand the I/O capabilities of a server orworkstation seamlessly capitalizing on the transparency of PCI Express architecture.

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